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The much awaited season 2 of Star Trek Discovery see's Captain Pike swap shifts from the Enterprise.

Before a certain starship captain named Kirk was on the scene, the captain of the Federation flagship was one Christopher Pike.

Season 2 of Discovery looks set to shed light on the mysterious replacement of Pike with Kirk as it would seem at least in this continuity that he swapped ships on a highly classified mission to boldly go where no one has gone before in order to save the galaxy.


Actor Anson Mount takes the role of pike as he transports from the Enterprise to team up with Burnham and the rest of the Discovery crew as they pump up the warp factor and head off to unravel the mystery of the Red Bursts, signals detected across space which could be either friend or foe. Seriously though let's face facts here, it's most likely that they are this season's big bad.


The new Starfleet uniforms seen in the video must be mentioned, as the costume department has managed to integrate the classic look of “The Cage” and The Original Series with the more modern Discovery uniforms. 

You can bet your bottom bar of gold latinum that them red shirts gonna die and the hemlines are going to be high on the ladies skirts.

All the classic props are also there, the tricorders, phasers and communicators we all loved in our childhood, they have the basics of beam me up and shoot to kill all worked out. Who doesn't love a bit of retro eh?


Plus seeing Anson Mount sitting in the captain’s chair in that yellow tunic just screams old school Pike.

As for Captain Lorca? Well, his mirror universe counterpart is dead and disintegrated but with a show like this, well you can never be sure anyone is every truly beyond being brought back from the grave can we.

We also have a very dangerous mirror universe baddie with a plotline to resolve so we may even see Empress Georgiou pop up at some point in the season.

Season 2 Airs in January 2019.


Watch Season 1 on Netflix Here: Link



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