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In this guide we'll show you how to speed up Ubuntu 18.04, currently the most recent version of the Linux distribution from Canonical. The Ubuntu operating system is based on the Linux kernel. Both are free and open source software, meaning that the code used is available online for others to use and review. Canonical, the main developers of Ubuntu, work with the Linux Community to make sure the OS is as efficient as possible.

Over time however, your Ubuntu 18.04 installation can become more sluggish. This can be due to small amounts of free disk space or possible low virtual memory due to the number of programs you’ve downloaded.

In this guide on how to speed up Ubuntu 18.04, you’ll discover our ten best tips to make sure your Ubuntu 18.04 system fires on all cylinders. These Ubuntu speed up tips cover some obvious steps such as installing more RAM, as well as more obscure ones like resizing your machine's swap space.

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I sped up my Ubuntu 18 by fucking it off and installing a minimal slax distro instead..  It works a treat .lol 

Just remember  UBUNTU is african speak for  "I can't configure debian"  and debian is redneck speak for "I cant compile my own kernel"   ...







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